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What's my jewelry worth?                               
                                                                     What's my watch worth?

Diamonds & Jewelry
Altin Place gives free expert estimates on the value of your gold and diamond jewelry. We will make you an offer on the spot for your diamond regardless of size or quality. We will buy your designer jewelry and even your broken jewelry. We buy all Tiffany, David Yurman, Judith Ripka, John Hardy and other signed and unsigned jewelry pieces.
Subtle differences in diamond clarity, color or carat weight can make a difference of $1000s in the true value of your diamond jewelry. Most retail jewelry locations don't have trained experts and equipment on location to accurately assess the value of your diamond and must give you a low offer to make sure they aren't making mistakes. Altin Place pays more because our experts accurately grade your stones on the spot and can give you top dollar based on the actual value.
Diamonds & Jewelry
Most jeweler stores will also offer you a low price for your diamond jewelry because they know that they'll have that piece in their store for a long time before it sells and they want to make the maximum return on their investment. Altin Place has deep ties in the wholesale diamond industry and can sell your jewelry often the same day. This simply means that we can offer you more because we can turn the item over immediately and free up that money to buy more diamonds and jewelry.
Rolex, Breitling, TAG Heuer, etc.
Altin Place gives free expert estimates on the value of your watch. We will make you a cash offer on the spot for your watch regardless of age or condition. Most offers can be made over the phone!!
Rolex, Breitling, TAG Heuer, etc.
Authorized Rolex dealers call us from all across the country to ask what they should offer someone for their trade-in Rolex watch. They simply don't know because it is impossible for them to keep up on the all the price fluctuations in the market for all the various models. This is true even more so with TAG, Breiling, Cartier and Omega; brands that have several variations of dozens of models. Asking a regular jeweler what your watch is worth is like asking your mechanic how he thinks the stock market will perform over the next quarter. Rolex, and other luxury watch brands, trade like commodities. Whether you try to sell online, on craigslist, or to a retail jeweler, you're only going to get an offer based on the level of knowledge of the end buyer. The less they know, the less they will offer. Most people have no real concept of how much their watch is worth, many of these people think that their watch is worth way more than it actually is, but some people are actually shocked by how high our offer is.
We have GIA certified diamond graders and timepiece experts ready to assist you in the store and on the phone with free estimates regarding the value of your luxury items.
Altin Place will buy...
Any diamond of any size — Your unwanted & broken jewelry — Any watch in any condition 
 Stop in or call 213-236-0892 to get a FREE estimate from an expert today!!
Again, whether in our store or over the phone, our estimates are free, so why not ask an expert..?
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Whats My Rolex Worth
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