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Rolex Repair

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    Los Angeles, California     

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Have your Rolex looking new again for $350...
                                        ... and back on your wrist in only 10 days.
All Altin Place Rolex watch repair performed by Rolex trained and certified CW21 technicians using only 100% factory original Rolex parts, tools and equipment.

Altin Places certified Rolex technicians will professionally handle your timepiece during your Rolex repair with the utmost care and respect. At Altin Place we pride ourselves in our excellent and popular Rolex services, which allow customers to get the most value out of their Rolex timepiece without paying a fortune to repair. Any questions or details about our Rolex services are welcomed! Contact us today.
Call: (213) 236-0892
5 reasons why you should have your
Rolex service completed at Altin Place...

    1. Free no obligation inspection.
    2. Competitive $350 price.
    3. Includes polish.
    4. All work backed by our 2 Year Warranty.
    5. Satisfaction GUARANTEED...

... or your Rolex service is FREE.
Rolex Repair
Rolex Watch Repair
Our $350 comprehensive overhaul includes...

Disassembly of the watch & movement.
Ultrasonic cleaning.
Inspection for corrosion/friction fatigue.
Lubrication (9415, MR4, 9424, TEPA).
Replacement of all gaskets and seals.-
Water-pressure test to Rolex specs.
Timing calibration.
Full polish to Rolex specs.
-4/+6 official COSC timing test.

At Altin Place...                                                               

We guarantee that only Rolex trained, accredited and certified technicians will handle your Rolex timepiece. All Altin Place repair technicians must be members of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors (NAWCC) and American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) and must have a minimum of 5 years working directly for Rolex.

We guarantee that only tools, instruments and testing equipment manufactured by Rolex, or are expressly designed for and approved by Rolex, will be used in the repairing of your Rolex.

We guarantee that only OEM (Rolex manufactured) parts, gaskets, seals, etc., are used. No aftermarket or generic parts will be used in the repair of your watch.  

 Altin Place guarantees the satisfaction of your Rolex watch repair and we stand behind our 2 year warranty.
    Altin Place
    448 S Hill St, STE 403
    Los Angeles, CA 90013